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By car : all paths lead to Pörtschach

By carHave you sometimes been annoyed with yourself for wasting two or three hours of your time?  We have a suggestion for how to use those hours sensibly – get in your car and set off for the Wörthersee.

The distances from Munich 333 kms, Salzburg 203 kms, Vienna 335 kms, Venice 270 kms, Ljubyana 113kms, and Triest 205 kms are really quite easily manageable.




By plane: On descent for a holiday

By planeAir Berlin, German Wings and Austrian Airlines fly directly from Berlin, Frankfurt / Main, Hanover, Hamburg, Cologne, Munich, Stockholm, Vienna, London and Gothenburg to Klagenfurt. Actually completely matter, the main thing, come back within a short time comfortably at the Wörthersee.

Further information: Klagenfurt Airport: +43 (463) 41 500 or




By train: stretch out comfortably and watch the scenery go by

By trainDid you know that the glass roof of the Berlin Mainstation in fact are solar panels delivering 160.000 kilowatt hours annually?  Did you know that the Austrian Federal Railways ecologically care for the countryside next to the rails?  Did you know that modern trains produce electricity when braking? Did you know that the German State Railways uses wood from forests that are then re planted?

Journeying by train helps save the planet.  Journeying by trains saves your nerves, and will bring you either to Pörtschach, Villach or Klagenfurt. 



Lust auf Pörtschach Kärnten Wörthersee Kärnten Wörthersee

World hotel

HOTEL SCHLOSS LEONSTAIN in Pörtschach at lake Wörthersee
Schloss Leonstain - a modern yet romantic castle hotel, situated on the banks of the Wörthersee, close to Klagenfurt Airport.  In the heart of Carynthia where you will find everything you want from a holiday – rest, peace, relaxation,golf, tennis, water sports, walks, bicycle rides, and also the perfect location for your wedding, birthday celebration, christening, or business seminar.